Sunday, May 25, 2014

mostly harmless..


its towel day.. as towelie says: "dont forget to bring a towel."
from wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Towel Day is celebrated every year on may 25th as a tribute to the author douglas adams by his fans. on this day, fans carry a towel with them, as described in adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, to demonstrate their appreciation for the books and the author. the commemoration was first held in 2001, two weeks after adams' death on 11 may 2001..

thanks wikipedia..

one of these gentlemen has forgotten to bring his towel. this will end badly.

~ cheers.. david

Friday, May 23, 2014

suisse is all so fail at hockey..


two-on-none breakaway at IIHF world championships: fail..

2 on none breakaway against fucking Latvia. so very fail.

vote to raise swiss minimum wage: again, fail.. 

workers of the worlds wealthiest bank demonstrate for moar money


plan conspiracy to commit massive united states tax fraud: 3x the fail..

we are so boned..
banking giant credit suisse has admitted to “knowingly and willfully” helping thousands of U.S. clients hide income and assets from the IRS.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

a few observations..


this is harder than it looks..

the boston bruins fan base are racist assholes.
boston bruins 2013-2014 eulogy by the pensblog

“because of reasons” is always a legitimate reason..

“because fuck you that’s why” is also acceptable..

“its for science” is a good excuse..

don’t forget “the stars are not in position” as a perfect reason to not do something

“not since the accident.” can be the answer to any question..

 “think of the children” is a good way to persuade anybody to do something for you..   i just... i dont.. i cant..

shit that happens to me.. idk why:

have u ever been in a mood to destroy your relationship with everyone you know?

I hate it when you are having a bad day and everyone takes it personally, like no i hate myself, not you. get the fuck over yourself..

the worst way for friendships to end is for literally nothing to go wrong, you just stop talking. they stop messaging you to see how youre doing and you get sick of being the first one to initiate conversation so you just let the friendship go and wonder how that person is doing and never hear from them again..

this right here:

a recent conversation:
me: its because you're gay sweetie..


me: glitter accessories.. like glue and a vacuum? because that shit gets errywhere..

him: glitter is the herpes of craft supplies.

me: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL youre funny.

him: did anyone ever find out how teen spirit smells?

me: it smells like rebellion.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

thats some finnish..

james neal (#18 white) wireless-mike'd up for the penguins go-ahead/gw goal.. olli maatta (#3 white) and jussi jokinen (#36 white) played together in the 2014 winter olympics mens ice hockey tournament for team finland. they won the bronze medal.. slick pass from zhenya (#71 white)..

magic pass from zhenya, point blast from maatta, deflection by jussi jokinen..

olli fuuckiin maatta!

ladies and gentlemen.. OLLI MAATTA!!!!!!

yes. yes indeed.

Go Penguins.

~ cheers.. david

Saturday, April 12, 2014

bleeding heart liars..


i think everyone needs to stop, breathe, and take a step back from the panic.. there is a lexis-nexis between the nsa*, darpa**, the rand corporation***, and research universities like mit.. before we all go ape shit kookoo bananas over the heartbleed flaw in the internet open-ssl encryption code****, we need to watch, or re-watch war games.. the matthew broderick cold-war-is-bad-because-nobdy-wins flick from the 80s.. 

remember that during the whole edward snowden media frenzy, the nsa announced quietly that they had "broken" the open-ssl encryption code and were using it to quietly national security us out of our privacy.. now there are reports that suggest the heartbleed flaw was the what and how the nsa broke the o-ssl in the first place. well it wouldnt surprise me to learn that some geek at mit or darpa created heartbleed as a backdoor into the o-ssl encryption code back in the 70's or 80's.. you know, maybe even the late 60's when the whole interweb thing was being invented by the government. if we learned anything from war games besides the fact that ally sheedy is a terrible actress, its that geeks, code writers/computer engineers always put in a "back door", even if just for shits and grins. this time, the spaz that did it now works or did work at nsa and simply exploited a "flaw" that he created 30 or 40 yrs ago.. all advancements in technology have a dark-side. in this particular instance, and prolly dozens if not thousands of others, the fascists in the bush 43 administration made it ok for the gvt to "something something dark side" in the name of killing terrorists and limiting freedom. we need to stop following the medias agenda about whats important, or newsworthy, and decide for ourselves.. congress was largely complicit in the whole nsa domestic data harvesting scheme, the media mostly ignored it until edward snowden risked his life and  liberty to reveal the truth. congress is supposed to work for us, to have our best interest at heart.. to follow the constitution.. they dont. wake up. end rant..

~ david

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