Friday, September 30, 2011

dollars for doughnuts..


drew doughty is a los angeles king again.. or still.. or whatever... 
in a word... awesomesauce..

the parties have reached a verbal agreement for drew doughnuts to remain the premier defenseman and franchise player, essentially the future of the los angeles kings for 8 long years... the price..  $56,000,000 US..

with the end of his self-(read agent)-imposed holdout, he becomes one of the highest paid defensemen in the national hockey league and the highest paid player on the kings bench..

could this be the season where it all (finally) comes together for the kings.. most of the pieces are in place.. everyone is signed.. barring any season-ending injuries or suspensions.. 

not bloody likely..

if dustin penner shows up tanned, rested, and ready the kings could dominate their division and really compete for home ice advantage in the western conference playoffs...

~ cheers... david

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

from flying bananas to fucking faggots..

no expletives were deleted..

no doubt sean avery is an agitator.. on the ice, his role it to put you off your game.. he wants to win.. is he controversial? does he have a big mouth... believe it.. off the ice, sean avery is an attention/media whore.. he often says and does things that in hindsight he prolly shouldnt have...

what exactly did he say to wayne simmonds that was so bad that mr simmonds needed to respond in such a hateful fashion? well prolly never know.. but we do know how simmonds responded to mr avery, and im appalled and disappointed.. not surprised, but well... yeah..

i do know this.. you blew it wayne..
calling sean avery a fucking faggot just days after some douche threw a banana peel at your black ass is just bad form.. you blew it dude.. you really stepped in it...
if you and other not-so-white players really shouldnt have to resign yourselves to settling for the kind of racist crap that banana peel represented.. neither should the leagues closeted gay players and their allies have to put up with the kind of hate speech you [simmonds] spat at sean avery..

to be here now and having to answer the questions about 
what he did is disappointing for me, avery said.. i'm disappointed for him..

we were going back and forth for a while, simmonds said.. 
i don't recall every single thing i did say to him.. 
he said some things that i didn't like and i said some things he didn't like.. 
i can't recall every single word I said..

we were going back and forth, battling the whole time.. 
he definitely said some things i wasn't too happy about.. that's where it is..
it's in the heat of a hockey game, said simmonds, "that's what it is..

it's an issue that people are dealing with and trying to overcome, said avery.. 
i guess 10 years ago maybe it wasn't so much an issue, but it's certainly an issue politically, 
with people in the game, and just in life in general..

guys say stuff, it's the heat of the battle of the game, simmonds said.. 
it's not things said to hurt people.. sometimes it just happens..

both of you need to grow up.. this isnt high school or even youth travel hockey.. not that this racist/homophobic he started it, no he started it crap would be acceptable at that level either.. but gary bettman is no high school principal and you two are not teenage boys.. come on men.. cowboy up and show some respect..

occasionally, in the heat of the moment, the douche-baggery of the fans boils over and some dumb ass throws a banana peal at a black player.. last week it was directed at you.. but maybe your right wayne, maybe its nothing meant to hurt people... sometimes it just happens.. 

calling someone a fucking faggot is just so gay... wait, what?

~ cheers... david

Saturday, September 24, 2011

throwing bananas..

bananas foster for everyone, bitches!

a banana came flying out of the stands in london, ontario thursday night during an nhl preseason game between the flyers and the red wings as former los angeles king turned philadelphia flyer wayne simmonds was beginning his shootout attempt.. it landed just in front of the talented forward.. after the game, a rare public discussion about racism in hockey ensued..
for kevin weekes <--- hes black, a former nhl goaltender turned broadcaster who is currently attending the black congressional caucus in washington, d.c., it was deja vu all over again..*

the national hockey league issued its usual tried and true horse-shit statement, made by the commissioner praising the hockey community in general, calling out the asshole that chucked said banana and reminding everyone that: this obviously stupid and ignorant action.. reflects badly on our entire community.. london is a diverse and welcoming city and we like it that way..  

simmonds met with the press after the game, telling reporters: when you're a black man playing in a predominantly white man's sport, you've got to come to expect things like that..  simmonds continued.. over the past 23 years of my life, ive come to expect some things like that.. but im older and more mature now, i kind of just let things roll off.. I try not to think about stuff like that...
wayne and other not-so-white players really shouldnt have to resign themselves to settling for that kind of crap.. 

ive played a lot of hockey and coached youth hockey and seen my share of black guys play the game w/o any of that racist crap from teammates, opponents or the parents.. i just dont get it.. im still trying to get my head around it.. not just in sports but racism in general..!

im curious how the nhl and the sports media would have reacted if simmonds was a white guy... just sayin..

not that i follow football that closely or at all really, but the world of football has seen such incidents before, from russia to italy.. 
big surprise there.. football hooligans.. even so, fail.. fail.. fail..

for example..

in march, brazilian roberto carlos stormed off the pitch when a banana was chucked at him during a league game in russia..

the commissar of russia's 2018 world cup organizing committee has since announced plans for an anti-racism campaign.. that will be at best interesting, and most prolly lame.. just sayin..

in april, the russian football union fined zenit st. petersburg $10000 after one of its fans offered a banana to the brazilian at a pre-match ceremony before zenit played roberto carlos' anzhi makhachkala..

in 2008, zenit was fined $58000 after its fans threw bananas and made monkey chants at three black marseille players..

* for the record.. kevin weekes spent 11 seasons in the nhl and had a banana thrown at him during the 2002 playoffs in montreal while he was a member of the carolina hurricanes..

with all the attention that homophobia in professional sports attracts in my big gay hockey world, and seeing how major league baseball and the national hockey league are way out in front of the herd on that issue, i guess racism gets lost in the chatter..

help me willie o'ree, youre my only hope.. wait, what?

~ cheers.. david


Thursday, September 22, 2011

to the other side of despair..

jamey rodemeyer
Through the fish-eyed lens of tear stained eyes
I can barely define the shape of this
moment in time
And far from flying high in clear blue skies

I'm spiraling down to the hole in the ground where I hide.

~ roger waters and pink floyd

his dad is wearing a buffalo sabres t-shirt... in the interview.. 
with anderson cooper.. a buffalo sabres t-shirt..  hockey people are the best people... i think the sabres should dedicate their 2011-12 nhl season to the memory of this special teenager from western new york.. 

rest in peace jamey rodemeyer...

~ david...       

if youre being bullied or know someone who is, and youre not sure what to do about it contact  the trevor project online or call 866-4-U-TREVOR (866-488-7386)...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

lokomotiv yaroslavl..


the lokomotiv yaroslavl roster:

Stefan Liv (SWE)
Olexander Vyukhin (UKR)

Vitali Anikeyenko (RUS)
Mikhail Balandin (RUS)
Robert Dietrich (GER/KAZ)
Marat Kalimulin (RUS)
Karel Rachunek (CZE)
Ruslan Salei (BLR)
Maxim Shuvalov (RUS)
Karlis Skrastins (LAT)
Pavel Trakhanov (RUS)
Yuri Urychev (RUS)

Gennadi Churilov (RUS)
Pavol Demitra (SVK)
Alexander Galimov (RUS)*
Alexander Kalyanin (RUS)
Andrei Kiryukhin (RUS)
Nikita Klyukin (RUS)
Jan Marek (CZE)
Sergei Ostapchuk (BLR)
Pavel Snurnitsyn (RUS)
Danil Sobchenko (UKR)
Ivan Tkachenko (RUS)
Josef Vasicek (CZE)
Alexander Vasyunov (RUS)
Artyom Yarchuk (RUS)

Brad McCrimmon (CAN, head coach)
Alexander Karpovtsev (RUS, assistant coach)
Igor Korolev (RUS, assistant coach)

ice hockey is a magical game full of wonder... its fast, furious, dangerous, exciting, and most prolly the greatest team sport on the planet... wherever it is played, boys become men, men become brothers, rivalries are set, and memories are made that last a life-time...
44 ice hockey souls were lost in an unbelievably senseless russian air disaster just minutes after take off on september 7, 2011.. the men (and boys) of lokomotiv yaroslavl were flying to minsk, belarus, to open their khl season against dynamo minsk..

here is a tribute to the team that was lokomotiv yaroslavl..

rest in peace..

boys. dont. cry.

~ david

*Alexander Galimov, the lone player to survive the plane crash, is fighting for his life with over 90 percent burns to his body and upper respiratory system..

the summer of our discontent..


i was gonna write a post about living with chronic pain and post concussion syndrome... i still might, not just cause these issues are the front and center of the hockey universe right now... boogaard, rypien, belak maybe..   but also cause i live with chronic pain and prolly post concussion syndrome everyday..

however, just now, this is on my mind...
i was half asleep, listening to the bbc world service.. i hear bob miller, the television voice of the los angeles kings, a voice im all too familiar with calling a game where pavol demitra scored an important goal.. woke my ass up for sure.. whats bob freaking miller doing on the bbc? this is what...|NHL|home

and having later read wyshs piece in tribute to these guys.. im gonna just be quiet and let you read what he wrote..

i could only add that i grieve for them, their families, and friends...

Pavol Demitra (November 29, 1974 – September 7, 2011)
Brad McCrimmon (March 29, 1959 – September 7, 2011)
Ruslan Salei (November 2, 1974 – September 7, 2011)
Karlis Skrastins (July 9, 1974–September 7, 2011)
Josef Vasicek (September 12, 1980 -- September 7, 2011)
Karel Rachunek  (August 27, 1979 – September 7, 2011)
Alexander Karpovtsev (April 7, 1970 – September 7, 2011) 
Igor Korolev (September 6, 1970 – September 7, 2011) dead the day after his 41st birthday.. 

rest in peace...

boys. dont. cry.

~ david

Thursday, September 1, 2011

theres another dead hockey player on the landing...


not again... fail..

Wade Belak (July 3, 1976 – August 31, 2011)

i feel bad for his two daughters (5 and 7 yrs old) that now have to grow up without their dad...
jesus mother fucking christ! the nhl and the nhlpa* - especially the nhlpa - need to do something to help these guys cope and heal.. boogaard, rypien, and now belak.. whos next, marc savard? sydney crosby? well prolly not syd-the-kid.. but i mean come on!

rest in peace.. wade.. rest in peace..

boys. dont. cry.

~ david

* national hockey league players association