Sunday, January 29, 2012

pappans family penis..

pens logo circa 1986

ive been following the penguins since 1984.. how did i forget about this? stick-tap to the guys at thepensblog for pointing it out..

pappans family restaurant®... a family restaurant.. family.. with a penis for a logo? i wonder if openly gayosexuals were refused service? or jobs?

its not waffle house® or cracker barrel®.. but still.. hmmm..

i knew there was a reason i gravitated to this team from an early age...

shhhh.. its a penis! at a family restaurant
theres video too.. of course there is...

this is a shameless reblog from a respectable penguins website... i hope they have a sense of humor and dont sue me.. 

family values... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..

~ cheers... david

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

spin cycle: jan 18, 2012

malkin surveys the situation

the penguins are on a winning streak... evgeni malkin has picked up and carried this team before on his broad shoulders.. he makes it look so effortless too.. hes awesomesauce.. 

 lets go inside the room and have a quick listen..

remember our bet..
ill meet you in the alley out back in an hour.. 
bring your knee pads..
is it true that while easter candy was busy tebowing in the endzone tom brady was feeding the hungry, healing the injured, turning water into gatorade, and winning the football game?
sean avery and "companion"
what ever happened to sean avery anyway? good thing hartford is only minutes away from the gay/hipster/arts/fashion scene that is nyc... he should have np designing a flattering plus-size frock for his latest fag hag "companion".. save the whales.. harpoon a fat.. nm..

dear god.. let there be pancakes
if the kings ever ink a sponsorship deal with dunkin donuts®, dennys®, i-hop® or krispy kreme® dustin pancakes and drew doughnuts should def be the spokes players and featured in the adverts.. especially if neither one can act his way out of a paper bag..

the nhlpa nixed the nhl realignment plan for the 2012-13 season for one reason only.. to remind gary bettman and the nhl board of governors that theres a new sheriff in town and that said sheriff has a big stick and isnt afraid to start waiving it around...

fehr: batter up little man... bettman: this is hockey don, not baseball.. fehr: k well drop the gloves bitch!

mitt romney talks like he wants to be the presidents idea man.. in trying to claim some credit for the presidents successful auto industry bail out after the economy crash landed in 2009, the former bain capital exec, who has restructured plenty of high end industry bankruptcies, criticized the presidents plan in 2009 and called it a jobs killer and a blatant act of federal over-reaching and proof that creeping socialism was in our near future in an obama led amerika.. now mr-republican-front-runner-of-the-month recently tried to claim that it was exactly what he himself would have done... flip-flop fail!

and he really cant be criticizing the presidents health care reform legislation.. gov romney pursued and enacted virtually identical legislation in massachusetts while he was in the statehouse in boston..  to criticize the presidents health care reform substantively is another huge flip-flop fail for the future former republican nominee..

hey mitt... 

i love how the us congress works.. whoever shouts the loudest gets their way till the money drops..  then an intern points out to a senior member of the senate that all that free porn goes away as soon as sopa/pipa passes...  ha ha fail..
yoinked without permission from kilban.. never eat anything bigger than your head

~ cheers... david