Wednesday, August 25, 2010

my friend tom...


thomas m. doyle, jr... ~ september 7, 1979 - august 19, 2010
rest in peace babe.....

epic fail...

peace.. david

Sunday, August 8, 2010

careful with that axe eugene...

look a cow.. the cow says mooo..
time... it really drags in summer...its been a really interesting year so far..... lately ive been feeling really lonely.. kinda sad too.... r.m. and c.l. left for san francisco for the summer w/o saying goodbye... k, that was a while ago... j.t. and m.o. also left w/o saying goodbye.. that was last week... wtf?
prolly my fault.. fail..

ive been so starved for affection and sexual contact with men, what with l.h. having bailed me, that one weekend, i was super hyper and i went out and found random guys to hook up with..... grudge fucking? i guess it really is ended with l.h.... idk.. frosty pops in and out of my life randomly.... bugs me when he, another friend that recently retuned after a long absence is acting all distant and weird... i miss hanging out with him... he doesnt care.. fail...

i havent been to coffee with the gang since i received that really hurtful email... why do fags think that when a relationship ends between two of our friends we have to choose a side?

at least one person i met online, (from that whole m.i.n.o. mess) that i really would like to be closer to, is avoiding me on purpose.. he said as much the last time we chatted.. i hope he knows how much chatting with him after so long means to me... i dont know if he follows this blog, i hope he does.. if not, someone who does tell him how i feel, k? i tried, cant seem to provoke a response... prolly ended up in his spam folder.. maybe that should tell me something... hint.. hint... d'oh! again, fail...

sunday already? again? im really exhausted from working on mom n dads property... is he gonna like the work i did.... maybe.. maybe not.. prolly not.. oh well... nothing new there... epic fail...
hillcrest cityfest is today... my brother is coming into the city to hang with me... bonus!

this is a sample of whats on my ipod this week...

time - pink floyd
black metallic - the catherine wheel
pictures of you - the cure
boys dont cry - the cure
the catherine morgan - bad astronaut
comfortably numb - pink floyd
behind blue eyes - the who
judy staring at the sun - the catherine wheel with tanya donelly 
ender - finch
what it is to burn - finch
the final cut (album) - pink floyd 
wish you were here - pink floyd
tomorrow wendy - concrete blonde
sing - dresden dolls
bed bugs and ballyhoo - echo and the bunnymen
youre so last summer - taking back sunday
indigo eyes - peter murphy
cuts you up - peter murphy
a strange kind of love - peter murphy
miserere mei, deus - psalm 50
the prelude from bachs cello suite no. 1 performed by yo-yo ma
hallelujah by jeff buckley
brothers in arms - dire straights
linoleum - bad astronaut
jaked on green beers - alkaline trio

life is a gift and everything beyond that is a bonus...
a bonus...

- cheers... david