Saturday, September 15, 2012

lock up.. lock down.. lockout.. - or - im as mad as hell and im not going to take this anymore!


im am sooo pissed off right now.. like you have
no idea how pissed off..

ahhh.. great memories..
in this looming lockout hockey season, ask yourself.. are you better off than you were four long short seasons ago?

no im not better off than i was 4 years ago.. four years ago i was gearing up for nhl hockey.. training camp was staring.. the penguins were looking to make a serious run at lord stanleys cup.. hopes were up.. way up.. then.. its like everything came together.. and by that i mean the penguins went on to win le coupe stanley in an epic post season that brought the pens fans to our knees as it looked like detroit might just repeat as cup champions.. geno won the conn smythe trophey..  after an epic post season, sidney finished the cup final series on one leg.. the pens had come back from 10th at one low point in the east to win it all..

and now.. this..

открыть проклятую дверь!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

i am your gay teammate..


i have watched this you can play project video so many times.. i think of some of the dudes i have had the privilege of calling teammates over the years.. you know who you are.. i was am your gay teammate.. and you always had my back.. even especially when it wasnt cool..

i can only say thank you, and hope you understand how much that meant means to me..

~ cheers.. david

{ boys. dont. cry.}

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the fattest part of my ass..


from the movie the jerk™,  "i was born a poor black child.." is the beginning of one of the finest comedy routines to come along in my life time.. 

"my story? okay. It was never easy for me.. i was born a poor black child.. i remember the days, sittin' on the porch with my family, singin' and dancin' down in mississippi... " ~ steve martin

thats basically what the nhl owners & gary bettman are trying to convince everyone of right before they lock the players out for the THIRD (3rd!) time in 18 yrs.. eighteen years.. three work stoppages.. 4 if you count the 12 day "strike" in 1992..

i find it really comical and tragic that guys like mario lemieux, philip anschutz, mike ilitch, ed snider, and the rest of those bums are trotting gary bettman out now, at the eleventh hour, 10 days before the looming lockout becomes the reality lockout to plead poverty.. the nhl grossed over $3.1 billion dollars in revenue last year.. just look at the multi-million dollar forever contracts that have been handed out like free t-shirts over the last 5 seasons.. especially this summer.. poverty? really?

im with the nhlpa® on this one..

~ cheers... david

ps.. i wonder if nbcsports™ will bother be able to televise the khl games featuring locked out nhl players? or will the nhl and comcast™ pull some kind of proprietary rights crap and prevent 
nbc™  <--- owned by comcast™ from doing so? 
- fuckers!