Monday, June 27, 2011

rocco grimaldi is holier than thou...


would you want this dude on your team? in your locker room?
not me.. i prolly wouldnt quit, but be damn sure id demand ask for a trade if he showed up..
if i was closeted, id stay in there till he disappeared.. if i was out, id be all up in his grill every time he said or did anything that devalued or dehumanized lgbt people.. believe it..

i think that rocco grimaldi is gonna have to grow up fast.. the world of professional sports is not the tight hyper religious private school bubble hes used too.. sure, he'll find allies on some benches, tim tebow, hello? and there are plenty of nhlers who are born again and rather public about it.. but even the anaheim ducks took a pass on this orange county native son.. fail!

if his born-again christian faith includes the mandatory moralizing, open contempt for others who do not share his faith and values, and the god hates fags rhetoric that has become standard fare for hyper religious professional athletes he cant be a vocal recruiter for his faith without being a distraction in the locker room..  watch out sean avery.. jesus is coming and rocco grimaldi is holier than you... ooooooooooo! fail!

his faith seems kinda narcissistic to me.. [bible verses sewn onto his tie and shoes?] he strikes me as the archetype small kid  (born again of course) with the giant truck that goes out of his way to wave his faith in everyones faces as a means to compensate for his own insecurities... athletically gifted and even popular, well educated to a degree, this archetype complains the loudest when lgbt anything is accepted or even tolerated in whatever team/school/program/community he happens to be part of...

take a look at the gay short film oh beautiful... part two is here..

im not surprised that he fell to the second round of the draft.. hes little, only 5'
6", and speedy or not, the average size of an nhl defenseman is 6'4" 240 lbs.. i seriously doubt jesus is gonna take an open-ice hip check or shoulder to the head shot for this kid... more than maybe once...

its been a good year so far for lgbt athletes and our allies.. people like sean avery, brent sopel, steve nash and groups like g-force sports are making real progress toward creating a safe environment for us in sports... even the san francisco giants and the chicago cubs created its get better videos....

and now rocco grimaldi gets drafted.... fail..

in my opinion this two steps forward, one step back...

~ cheers.... david

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