Friday, September 30, 2011

dollars for doughnuts..


drew doughty is a los angeles king again.. or still.. or whatever... 
in a word... awesomesauce..

the parties have reached a verbal agreement for drew doughnuts to remain the premier defenseman and franchise player, essentially the future of the los angeles kings for 8 long years... the price..  $56,000,000 US..

with the end of his self-(read agent)-imposed holdout, he becomes one of the highest paid defensemen in the national hockey league and the highest paid player on the kings bench..

could this be the season where it all (finally) comes together for the kings.. most of the pieces are in place.. everyone is signed.. barring any season-ending injuries or suspensions.. 

not bloody likely..

if dustin penner shows up tanned, rested, and ready the kings could dominate their division and really compete for home ice advantage in the western conference playoffs...

~ cheers... david

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