Sunday, January 29, 2012

pappans family penis..

pens logo circa 1986

ive been following the penguins since 1984.. how did i forget about this? stick-tap to the guys at thepensblog for pointing it out..

pappans family restaurant®... a family restaurant.. family.. with a penis for a logo? i wonder if openly gayosexuals were refused service? or jobs?

its not waffle house® or cracker barrel®.. but still.. hmmm..

i knew there was a reason i gravitated to this team from an early age...

shhhh.. its a penis! at a family restaurant
theres video too.. of course there is...

this is a shameless reblog from a respectable penguins website... i hope they have a sense of humor and dont sue me.. 

family values... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..

~ cheers... david

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