Tuesday, April 17, 2012

will the real marc-andre fleury please stand up..


i think maybe marc-andre fleury is injured... he might be hiding a serious upper body injury.. or a groin pull.. maybe even a concussion.. he seems to have lost the ability to anticipate shots, react to plays, and make great saves at critical times..
ever since that dingus of a defeseman paul martin crashed into the nimble net-minder, he just hasnt been the same..

if you recall.. 

paul the weakest link martin missed his man for the umpteenth time this season on what turned into an odd-man rush.. as martin was two steps behind and chasing back into his own zone, head down, marc-andre fleury came way out of the crease to play the puck when martin slammed into him and landed on his head.. fleury has been fail ever since.. 

and marc-andre played way too much down the stretch.. hindsight is often 20/20.. realizing that brent johnson was injured and brad theissen is a green rookie goaltender.. i wonder if the pens had rested fleury in late march, played brad theissen moar, and settled for 5th or 6th  rather than pushing to over-take the rangers and hold off philly would the pens playoffs be much different and not 1 flyers home game away from elimination? i think so..

 this guy is the real deal..

only three teams in nhl history - the 1942 maple leafs, `75 islanders and 2010 flyers - have come back from a three-game deficit to win a series..

theres almost no chance they can win four-in-a-row, especially with two potential series enders at home (consol energy center) where they pretty much suck the flyers dicks.. 

vancouver has a better chance of sneaking back into their series vs the kings and winning in 7 games,, cory schneider is  clutch.. hes better than luongo and the kings have a bad habit of collapsing at the worst possible times.. clutch is often everything in life.. im disgusted and disappointed with my penguins.. but im happy for kings fans.. 43 stanley cup-less years.. 

the fans out in los angeles deserve better and a playoff series win over the presidents trophy winning team would go a long way to paying back all those loyal cashed out puck-heads who havent seen decent hockey in los angeles since 2002.. or since the great one lit up the great western forum in the 80s and early nineties....

~ cheers.. david

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