Sunday, May 13, 2012

bandwagon fans..


every team has them.. bandwagon fans.. phoenix is full of them.. i dont think the coyotes sold out the jobbing dot com™ arena more than a few times during the regular season.. the good people of glendale, az really dont give a fuck about hockey..


here are my choices for the nhl conference finals..

this is gonna be a great goal-tending match up..

mike smith is good.. jonathan quick is better..
if the kings offense shows up they will dominate the coyotes.. these teams have played each other six (6) times throughout the regular season.. all tight close games.. went to overtime or a shootout.. no shootouts in playoff hockey.. the kings are bigger.. shane doan is every bit the leader as dustin brown..
both teams are having a cinderella run through the playoffs so far.. however, at the end of the day, there can be only one..

soooo... kings in 7..

like the real housewives, the slags and skanks from new york and new jersey obviously hate each other.. its like class vs no class.. trash vs treasure.. fashionable vs.. well not. ever.
manhattan vs newark.. no contest.. although..
after new york got schooled by washingtons hot young goalie braden holtby, brodeur should be no problem, right? i mean theyve seen this guy for like the last 50 years..
the devils really stuck it to the fuckin flyers YAY! in a decisive 6 game series win..

as much as id like to be able to write a post about the devils taking down the rangers in 6 games..
(to think that i saw it on mulberry street™®)

its gonna be rangers in 7..

hot rich milfs.. although the one on the right is a real butterface
why the toll bridges are free going back to jersey

~ cheers.. david

ps.. im bandwagoning the kings.. wtf is up with that?

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