Wednesday, October 9, 2013

republican know nothing know it alls..


Why aren’t we Democrats willing to negotiate?

Because this has been the GOP position(s) on Comprehensive HealthCare reform:

Oct 2008: “You’ll never get elected and pass obamacare.”

Nov 2008: “We’ll never let you pass obamacare.”

Jan 2009: “We’re gonna shout you down every time you try to pass obamacare.”

July 2009: “We’ll fight to death every attempt you make to pass obamacare.”

Dec 2009: “We will destroy you if you even consider passing obamacare.”

March 2010: “We can’t believe you just passed obamacare.”

April 2010: “We are going to overturn obamacare.”

Sept 2010: “We are going to repeal obamacare.”

Jan 2011: “We are going to destroy obamacare.”

Feb 2012: “We’re gonna elect a candidate who’ll revoke obamacare NOW.”

June 2012: “We’ll go to the Supreme Court, and they will overturn obamacare.”

Aug 2012: “American people’ll never re-elect you-they don’t want obamacare.”

Oct 2012: “We can’t wait to win the election and explode obamacare.”

Nov 2012: “We can’t believe you got re-elected and we can’t repeal obamacare.”

Feb 2013: “We’re still going to vote to obliterate obamacare.”

June 2013: “We can’t believe the Supreme Court just upheld obamacare.”

July 2013: “We’re going to vote like 35 more times to erase obamacare.”

Sept 2013: “We are going to leverage a government shutdown into defunding, destroying, obliterating, overturning, repealing, dismantling, erasing and ripping apart obamacare.”


Source: Steven Leser

The Republican Party is bending its entire will, staking its very soul, fighting to its last breath, in service of a crusade to make sure that the working poor don’t have access to affordable health care.

We’re not going to be disrespected. We have to get something out of this. And I don’t know what that even is.
Conservative Congressman Marlin Stutzman, R-Indiana

perhaps john boehner, the speaker of the us house of representatives, made impotent as house republican leader, will declare his intention to retire from congress at the end of this term, freeing him to then cut a grand bargain with the president barack obama.  or not. prolly not. i expect  president obama to cave any day now.. democrats always blink first..

~ david

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