Friday, November 22, 2013

evgeni malkin.. i am score..


after going goalless in 15* straight games, evgeni "geno" malkin finally gets off the schnide and pots one against the new york islanders.. 

malkin happy dance. i am score..

the thing about geno is, hes a goal scorer..  he skates like mario lemieux.. he plays hard when he wants to, and when he doest want to, well he just skates around and gives away the puck.. hes my favorite penguin on the current roster.. i just wish he played every game with the same will to win that the sidney crosby does..

*malkin has put up some 19 assists during that time, and has had many great chances to score.. he's been snake bitten and has hit the post or been robbed by some good goal-tending. 

~ go pens.. david

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