Tuesday, May 10, 2011

an open letter to sean avery..


thanks for all your support... recently..
we in the gay sports community appreciate it.. its because of open-minded tough guys like you that we all can breathe easier, sleep better at night, and be taken seriously as players and teammates.. really.. no really.. all that horse shit about dustin browns lisp was just trash talk, right? even if you were on the same team.. wait, what?

now.. come out already.. dont wait to be outed as someones sloppy seconds... dont hide your love of playing with dolls and playing dress up behind your love of fashion and "i have gay friends".. of course you do.. theres safety in numbers..

you lived in west hollywood.. and soho.. now chelsea... youre not fooling anyone hiding your big gay face behind those fasho glasses...

... The Rangers benched hockey player Sean Avery for game five of their seven-game defeat of the Caps. In his short time off, he did fashion-y things like smoke cigarettes while walking around the meatpacking district. His nocturnal journeys brought him to Daphne Guinness's birthday party for Steven Klein at the Standard Hotel. "He was wearing a tight black shirt, thick glasses and wide-legged swishy black pants," notes an observer. "He looked ridiculous." [NYP]

brendan burkes and his familys commitment to making sports, especially hockey a safe place for us, lgbt athletes, can only benefit from a big tough s.o.b. like you being out....

be that guy.. have the courage that brendan had.. that brian and patrick burke have.. that i had when i played beer league hockey with my straight teammates..

come on... come out already.. ill stand by you... ill kick anyones ass that gives you any shit for it..

~ cheers... david

p.s.. this video, (not mine, sigh) prolly made tongue in cheek, really sums it all up.... you make the call..

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