Tuesday, June 22, 2010

brendan my hockey hero...

if you dont follow d1 college and nhl hockey then you prolly havent heard of a guy called brendan... brendan burke.. son of one brian burke, nhl big wig and general manager of the toronto maple leafs.. hes imposing and impressive... when he shouts, people listen.. when brendan died, brian cried, and people listened.. theyre still listening...

brendan burke... hes one of my hockey heros.... he came out publicly a year ago.... or the year before a year ago.. (i was sick that year and not paying particular attention) he was the student manager for his d1 college hockey team, the miami of ohio redhawks.. the number one ranked ncaa mens ice hockey team in the nation...

he was my hero before he died... he was newly openly gay.. from a proud, old school hockey family, former player, student manager and probable nhl big shot like his dad, or even probable big shot lawyer/politician guy... i was devastated when he died.... i still get a little emotional when i read about him.. or think about his life, see his picture, hear his name....
but - boys. dont. cry. ..

i was a member of a very cool group of people who met everyday on a blog and later on a forum, to laugh and chat, and cry, and just be goofy with each other... that it blew up in my face changes nothing about how i feel... but one thing that came out of that was the bond we formed with each other around brendan burkes life story.... many of us gay athletes, gay hockey players, looked to brendan to bring something new to pro sports for all of us lgbt athletes.. especially in hockey... a safe and welcoming environment in which we could be openly lgbt and play our game with pride and passion as full members of the team...

im proud that his family have continued to move forward with the work that brendan believed in, and send my thanks and praise to the burke family... i hope we see them in the toronto gay pride parade... brian said as much after brendans death..

again... boys. dont. cry. .. k, i did, a little....
read it, dont read it... its up to you... comment if you care, just be respectful... brendan is one of my hockey heros...

“There are a lot of gay athletes out there and gay people working in pro sports that deserve to know that there are safe environments where people are supportive of you regardless of your sexual orientation.” - Brendan Burke

brendan dude...
you are my hero.. i am older than you, but you were, are and will always be my hockey hero..

- cheers.. david


  1. this just in... lord stanleys cup will be in the chicago gay pride parade... read about it here.... http://www.outsports.com/os/index.php/component/content/article/61-news/323-stanley-cup-and-chicago-blackhawks-will-attend-chicago-pride-parade

    - cheers... david

  2. Brendan truly is my hero. Made me cry too.

  3. the burke family issued this statement regarding brendan and the stanley cup being carried in the chicago gay pride parade...

    - cheers... david

  4. Boy. Did. Cry. Again!

    David, what a beautifully written piece. That was incredibly touching. I do believe the whole Burke family needs (deserves) to read it.

    Thank you! Keep well k?

    ~ Jimmy :)

  5. @ madeleine... im right there with you on this... liked your blog post as well...

    @ jimmy.... thanks dude.... and about that last blog post... um, yeah.. it is what it is....a rant from a particularly bad day.. you really are the cool kids table.. (thats a compliment)

    - cheers.... david

  6. David, you do have a way with words. Thank you for writing what alot of us all feel and I for one can't put into words. Take care'


  7. @ dave bhf... thanks for taking the time to comment.... and about that last post... it is what it was... [its gone btw] i hope we can still be friends... jimmy too..

    -cheers... david