Monday, November 21, 2011

hes baaaack..

scratch my back with a hacksaw!

hes baaaaaaaack!

after missing 61 regular season games spanning parts of two seasons and the first round of the 2010 - 11 playoffs, sid-the-kid is back..

and. there. was. much. rejoicing..

through 20 games this season the penguins are 11-6-3... tied with rival philadelphia for 1st in the atlantic division.. and as of this blogging, the most points in the eastern conference..

perhaps with the end of crosby watch 2011 the rabid sports media machine can now focus more fully on why exactly the washington capitals suck balls again this season... perhaps its time to throw bruce boudreau under the bus..
just sayin..

sid-the-kid.. welcome home er back..
hes ripped.. rested.. n ready.. not in the dustin penner kinda way.. but you know, in a good way..


as monty burns would say: excellent...

oh and adam, if you & michael are there at the game, please say youll be there... get me a souvenir program will you.. not kidding.. we can work out how to get it to calif later..

~ cheers...

ps..  overheard in 29 locker-rooms and gms offices around the national hockey league after the news broke that sidney crosby is back:   

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