Monday, November 28, 2011

spin cycle: november 28..


spin cycle will be an occasional post to sarcastic ass about stuff n things n goings-on in the national hockey league..

drew doughty

los angeles kings..
this was supposed to be the season that the. kings. could. go. all. the. way.. k.. not so much.. with dustin penner out of the line-up the kings dont have a scapegoat to blame their failures on.. mike richards is still so obviously missing being "the guy" in philadelphia.. slava voynov is no drew doughty but then neither is drew doughty.. the kings are playing like a bunch of guys in a pick-up game.. theres no i in team.. unless its the iTeam 4s.. wait, what?

yoinked from rmnb

washington capitals..
its insanity if you do the same thing over and over expecting a different result the next game time you do it..  that said.. the washington capitals are insane.. welcome back to the asylum dale hunter..  apparently someone, k everyone, isnt listening.. coach boudreaus messages to his star players seem to have a limited effect.. ovenchicken is not mature enough to be captain.. and sasha semin.. he tries too hard, then stops trying all together.. alex o should be advised to voluntarily give up the "c" to a seasoned veteran.. and sasha.. what to do with oh so sexy sasha.. perhaps a change of venue? psst.. trade him.. 
gotta. get. mike. green. and. john. erskine. back.. sooner rather than later..

pittsburgh penguins..
sidney crosby.. back! hes ripped, rested, n ready! same penguins only better.. way better.. nuff said.. now everyone please stay healthy.. you can chillax during the coughwinterclassiccough..
and how awesomesauce is kris letang? of all the awesomesauces in all the world, hes one of the awesomesauciest..

dan bylsma knows there is a time for superstars and a time for team.. the kings n capitals could learn a thing or two about "system" and "team play" from the penguins head coach.. just sayin..

joe corvo
boston bruins..
the road to the stanley cup goes through boston.. these guys are big, gritty, grind-it-out, n very good.. boston can only get better as the season rolls along.. tim thomas.. stay. away. from. psycho. boston. cabbies..  tyler seguin. is. scoring. goals.  joe corvo has always been one of my favorite defensemen.. the kings should never have given up on him..  watch out pittsburgh..

minnesota wild.. ..the fuck?

philadelphia flyers.. injuries.. lots of them.. oh, and bryzgalov/bobrovsky in net.. 

chicago blackhawks.. 
could easily win the west the way they are playing right now.. corey crawford needs to settle down and just make brilliant saves.. captain serious needs to crack a smile.. seriously.. no not that crack.. wait, what? 

buffalo sabres.. 
the boat has sailed on this  season.. after milan lucic rolled over - more like destroyed - miller and the team left ryan to twist alone in the wind.. like so much dirty laundry..

anaheim.. columbus.. calgary.. phoenix.. carolina.. ottawa.. ny islanders.. FAIL!

nashville predators.. 
say goodbye to defensemen ryan suter and shea weber.. maybe both.. k, both.. pekka rinne is gonna be the-highest-paid-netminder-in-the-national-hockey-league-to-never-ever-ever-win-a-stanley-cup-for-as-long-as-he-lives..  hes gonna be how old when his current contract expires? 
yo pekka.. beg for a trade.. do. it. now.
zach parise

winnipeg.. who knew losing could be this much fun..  

new jersey devils.. 
zach parise, youre the captain.. the heart and soul of the franchise.. to bad youre always gonna be second banana to that russian guy no matter how much money lou offers you.. sucks to be you.. 
does having over-paid under achievers really make up for having a netminder that will be eligible for retirement and canadian medicare long before kovalchuks contract gets anywhere close to expiring?

guy boucher aka coach scar-face

tampa bay lightning.. 
see new jersey devils above.. roloson is getting any younger.. and coach scar-face needs to learn a new ahem.. coughsystemcough.. 1-3-1 has jumped the shark..

and the rest... van, col, stl, snj, to, edm, fla, nyr, det, mtl, dal..  meh..

~ cheers.. david

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