Sunday, December 25, 2011

and lo..

usps christmas 1965

a charlie brown christmas is what my christmas is about.. i remember seeing this on television at an early age.. that it is still shown come holiday time some 46 years on is remarkable for it is real animation, not fox animation, has no "reality-tv" type of contest between douchefags trolling for their 15 minutes of fame by making even bigger douchefags outta themselves trying to out douchefag each other.. it is understated as it conveys the spirit of the season as well as the message.. linus, his blanket, and a single spotlight..

christmas is about hope.. promise.. hope for an end to war and violence.. hope peace on earth.. hope for a cure.. 

christmas is always, for me at least, gonna be the memories of being a small boy and hearing linus read those amazing words from the gospel according to luke.. knowing that there is hope for the future.. hope for acceptance as a gay man who loves sports and plays played hockey.. hope for us all that a better world can be had if we want it..

well that and midnight mass on christmas eve.. its the one church service i ever even go to anymore..

for me the nativity is mystery as much as myth.. it has power and holds great meaning.. it gives me hope..

i think christmas morning is really all about little kids neway.. santa, the decorations, and the presents.. clothes.. again? really? fail.. unless thats what you really wanted.. you know who you are.. ;)
a new bike.. a hockey stick or new skates.. i guess now its about gift cards.. lol

me and santa.. well blow-up santa..

empty tray of christmas cookies.. nom nom

happy christmas to all my family, friends, fuck buddies, interweb acquaintances, and blog stalkers followers..

~ cheers... david

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