Wednesday, December 14, 2011

spin cycle: december 14..


 sydney crosby is out indefinitely.. again.. shades of marc savard? ironic if after matt cooke ends savards career boston bruin potentially ends crosbys.. fail..

lots of head injuries in the nhl right now... statistically no more than previous seasons, were just paying more attention so it seems like there are more..

minnesota wild.. still in 1st place.. the fuck? its gotta be cause of mike yeo.. just sayin..

yo flyers fans.. with both pronger and giroux on the shelf with concussions the hatred shifts east to the city of brotherly love... <<<< oxymorons.. js.

fuck you! you giroux-less sidney crosby haters...

stamp fragile on his forehead.. better use more bubble wrap n duct tape.. *

planes, trains, and hockey teams: 

through the generosity of the rest of the teams in the khl, lokomotiv is again a professional ice hockey team.. after such an unbelievably senseless tragedy, welcome to the game boys.. 

the brand new yaroslavl lokomotiv team

the los angeles kings have finally closed the door on terry murray.. dont let said door hit you in the ass on your way out.. i thought he should have been gone after last season.. but hey.. better late than never..
and big surprise! they arent any better with john stevens at the helm... i suppose its an interim promotion fail for sure now..
next up.. darryl sutter? tony granato? randy carlyle? why isnt anyone talking about davis payne? or ted nolan? oh right.. my bad.. i guess the philladelphia flyers western conference edition is a fail... 

dude.. we really suck..  and we got the coach fired.. 

~ cheers... david

*picture yoinked from where it was stolen from Sabrina Sin Bin on twitter.

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