Tuesday, July 3, 2012

lights.. camera.. hockeywood..


the los angeles kings won the stanley cup... amazing post season run.. 16w-4L.. one road loss.. one.
jonathan quick won the conn smythe trophy as playoff mvp.. he did not win the vezina trophy however..  that honor went to some swedish dude with dreamy blue eyes and a smile that could melt glaciers - or is fjords? - that plays in... yup.. new. york. city. dafuq?

dustin brown and alex martinez made a video for the you can play project... awesomesauce..
after 45 yrs.. the stanley cup belongs to hollyhockeywood
the penguins.. remember them? well they offered jordan staal a 10-year $45 million dollar contract extension.. to stay in the burgh as the 3rd line center behind malkin and crosby.. his reply..  is it christmas?  so he got booted traded to carolina on draft day.. to play with his older brother eric.. signed the same deal with the hurricanes a few days later.. so now all my jordan staal-pittsburgh penguins shit is essentially worthless useless.. wait. (gets an idea.. cuts sleeves off the t-shirts and wears them to the gym..) hell get moar opportunities to be the guy in carolina.. so good luck to him..

jordan staal

sid-the-kid got a 10 year deal the keeps him in pittsburgh for the rest of his career.. huge gamble for sure.. but one ray shero had to take.. i hope that all this doesnt come back to bite the pens in the ass.. if crosby takes another monster hit to the head hes the next-eric-lindros-in-black-and-gold baby blue and white black and gold for sure..
i suppose if crosby retires, the pens management - read: ray shero and mario lemieux - will go crazy and find some one - anyone? anyone?  bueller? bueller? - skilled to play center.. i would have done the jordan staal deal differently though.. its not like he was a restricted free agent.. depending on the health of the super-star from cole harbour, nova scotia, <-- sidney crosby - shero & co. could have waited till december or even the all-star break to move jordan..

blah blah blah... off season hockey bull shit no really one currs about but pays attention to cause its you know, hockey....

is it october yet?

~ cheers.. david

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