Thursday, July 5, 2012

my adventure at lenscrafters®..


new glasses in about an hour my ass!
yeah i had an appointment.. showed up on time too.. from initial form-filling-out to out-the-door-with-my-brand-new-glasses.. 

wait for it..

3 hrs..

yeah the blond optician guy was hot.. 
i know, i know he was straight and too young for me, (well not really) but i cant help it if i was flirty.. he was hawt and i was horny.. i know he was straight cause as soon as this smokin hawt  petite blonde bimbo came in, he was all like up in that fine ass puss-say over there.. but damn he was fine..

neway.. the lobby was empty when i got there.. it got busier as the afternoon bored wore on and i couldnt help but wonder if maybe i was making blond boy crazy cause i got like no service.. and i was was wearing my nice-ass-dude! pants... most of the walk-in traffic got waited on ahead of me.. what? no one wants to deal with the hi5 guy over here? im not radioactive.. did i mention i was horned up? lololololololol

whats the deal with the medical questions? do i have insurance? do i have any pre-existing conditions? am i allergic to any medications? what meds am i currently taking? any family history of any of these many ailments? color blind? i am btw..
im buying new glasses, not selling my blood or donating a kidney.. then i met the optometrist/salesman..
the medical q&a is so they know what add-ons  to push as you sit in the exam chair trapped like an caged animal..
back off doc.. i just want glasses.. no you cant give me your phone number.. wait, what? k (might not have really happened) even when i was finally being fitted for new frames buy a youngish-middle-aged straight woman that looked an awful lot like maybe she used to be a he.. the hard sell was on..
blond boy approved of the frames i chose.. so did shim.. i picked them out on-line and in the store independently of each other.. the frames.. not the blond boy..
im not any easy mark.. i knew what i wanted and i got it.. no wait..
but my new ray bans are spiff..
it just shouldnt take 3 hrs for new-glasses-in-about-an-hour... even on a slow afternoon in january in the middle of "winter" during the worst economic depression since ww2..
when all was said and done i felt like had been rogered with my pants on.. if blond boy had been more accommodating, maybe rogered with pants around my ankles too.. 

~ cheers... david

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