Friday, July 2, 2010

so, what do you think marge, all i need is a title....

thinking about changing the name of my blog...
.. so what do you think, marge? all i need is a title. i was thinking along the lines of no tv and no beer make homer something something.. - homer simpson

log on and tell me what you think...
1. keep the name as it is
2. change it, damn it, change it!
3. meh, whats on tv?

possible names im rolling around in my head...

gimme the bat marge

careful with that axe eugene - k, i , ahem, borrowed that one from pink floyd, so maybe not..

unclaimed freight

dead letter office - prolly already taken, damn boomers and their r.e.m. b-sides..

blame canada

here kitty kitty kitty...

two for flinching, five for fighting <------- this one is my fav..

i am a rain god

~ cheers... david


  1. and the winner is.... two for flinching, five for fighting..

    - cheers..... david

  2. I like the current title although it is a bit wordy!


  3. @ lorenzo.. thanks buddy for taking the time to comment..

    @ dean.... thanks for reading and commenting..

    - cheers... david