Tuesday, June 8, 2010

dude, i resemble that remark..

this is the story of one of my perfect moments... it involves hockey, go figure...
...after a while a couple of new dudes joined our team... one of them was really loud and his favorite slur against guys on the other teams was you faggot. i listened to this douche bags shit for almost the entire season... it’s amazing how much shit we’re willing to put up with to maintain our privacy...

but in the middle of a close game, i was really hyper and pissed off at the way i was playing... i guess i just snapped or something, but in a quiet way... i leaned over to talk to this guy after about the hundredth time he made that you faggot slur, and said, you know what? “i resemble that remark...” he just sort of looked at me like huh? i said something like, dude, i’m gay, and i’m effing sick of your yelling you faggot at everyone... give it a rest... i didnt know if he was gonna hit me or what but i was pissed off and boys dont cry or show fear, so... i dont remember exactly what he said, prolly something lame.. maybe i really caught him off guard... j.a. overheard what was going on and as word spread up and down the bench, j.a. had my back... e.h. was in goal; he had no idea that i had just came out to the team...

that was the season we won our first championship... in a shoot out, the gay guy, thats me, was the last shooter, and on my backhand, my weakest shot, - j.a. rolled his eyes on the bench and said shit, not your backhand... - i scored and we won... a weak shot on a deek, goalie went down, i put in the net just over the top of his sprawling body.. ha ha the fag won the game.... no one ever gave me any shit about being gay, and j.a. and a couple of the other guys even stopped using the words thats so gay when they really meant lame or stupid....

~ cheers... david


  1. I have the urge to say "You go girl!" but I think that would make me more gay than you.

    Good on you for standing up for yourself, honestly a lot of shit is just ignorance, and everyone needs to speak up.

    Also, is that the correct spelling of "deek"? I've never known how to spell it and need to know for my book.

  2. David!

    That guy was a jerk!

    Not many of us would speak up like you did. Good for you!


  3. @ madeleine an dean...
    thanks... it was a decision i never regretted... i think i bonded closer with the guys after that... that my goal on a weak-ass deek won the championship game prolly helped... j.a. and e.h. having my back did too...

    - cheers... david